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T-08 Confederate Money Fifty G. Washington Choice Uncirculated

Your Price: $1,195.00
Item Number: T-8 Confederacy 13852 C
Manufacturer: CSA - Confederacy Capital - Montgomery AL, Richmond VA
Auto or Civil War Information: Confederate States of America, Rebellion, Scrip
Type 8 obsolete civil war currency George Washington fifty dollars Ch Unc.
Type 8 obsolete civil war currency George Washington fifty dollars Ch Unc.

Type 8 Obsolete Civil War Currency

Type of Confederate Money - 50.00 bank note issued by the government of the CSA
Nickname or Vignettes - Tellus, the Goddess of the Earth is on the left, holding a globe with a bird perched on top of it. The center is a portrait of George Washington. A lot of people find it puzzling that George Washington, the Father of the United States, is featured on confederate money, however you have to remember that George Washington was from the state of Virginia, the breadbasket of the Confederacy.
Date & Place of Issue - This is an early Civil War issue by the CSA government on July 25th, 1861. Richmond Virginia was the place of issue.
Serial Number & Plate Letter - Serial number 13852 written twice by hand in red ink, the plate letter is C.
Condition - A beautiful choice crisp uncirculated example of confederate money. It is amazing that notes can be in this pristine condition after 146 years.
Back - Very nice creamy white and as per grade.
Criswell & Fricke Numbers - Frice number PF7 and Criswell 19. This is one of the much scarcer varieties of Type 8 confederate currency. It is rated as R4, which according to Fricke means only between 76 to 200 of these still exsist today and are very scarce. The PF 7 means that "for" is printed before treasurer, thick bond paper was used and the plate letter was C.
Number Issued & Printers - Hoyer and Ludwig of Richmond Virginia issued 123,564 of these notes for the CSA government.
Type of Bank Paper Used - All of the examples of this obsolete money with the A and B plate letters were printed on thick bond paper. Early in the printing of the C plate, Hoyer and Ludwig used the thick bond paper and then switched to the regular thin paper.
Payable In - Two years after date the Confederate States of America will pay to bearer fifty dollars. This obsolete CSA money was signed by C. C. Thayer for register and Jonathon Ott as treasurer.
Notes - A good opportunity to acquire a choice example of one of the scarcer types of T-8. The picture shows the actual type 8 confederate money that is for sale. In addition the back of this obsolete civil war currency can also be seen in the photo gallery.

Choice Uncirculated creamy white Type 8 Confederate Money featuring George Washington. This note has a much whiter and nicer appearance than the picture suggests.

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