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Virginia Confederate Money CR05 5.00 Treasury F-VF

Your Price: $325.00
Item Number: 5 dol Virginia Treasury 1360
Manufacturer: CSA - Confederacy Capital - Montgomery AL, Richmond VA
Virginia Confederate Money 5.00 in Fine-Very Fine condition
Virginia Confederate Money 5.00 in Fine-Very Fine condition

VA 5 dollars Civil War Currency

This 5 dollar note from Virginia during the Civil War is from the scarcer Hoyer and Ludwig series. A bust of a girl is at the left, Ceres with a large V is at the right. The note states that the Commonwealth of Virginia Will pay to bearer at the treasury Five Dollars and issued from Richmond on October 05, 1861. The back is plain but the actual front and back of this Virginia Confederate Money can be seen in the photos.

Virginia Obsolete Money 5.00 Treasury Note issued during the War of Northern Aggression in 1861 and grading F-VF

Criswell has this listed as Virginia Type 05 and the rarity is R8 which means that approximately 51 to 100 of these notes exsist today and that places it in the rare category. A nice mid grade example of this Virginia Confederate Money issued during Virginia's time in the southern Confederacy. Virginia Treasury notes issued during the Civil War are becoming very desirable pieces of currency. This note came from the famous John J. Ford Jr. Collection.