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Virginia Confederate Money CR04 10.00 Treasury VF

Your Price: $300.00
Item Number: VA State 10 dollars 1602
Manufacturer: CSA - Confederacy Capital - Montgomery AL, Richmond VA
Virginia Confederate Money 10.00 Treasury bill issued 10-15-1861
Virginia Confederate Money 10.00 Treasury bill issued 10-15-1861

VA Obsolete Civil War Currency 1st Issue

Type of Confederate Money - A Ten dollar treasury bill issued by the commonwealth of Virginia during the outbreak of the Civil War. This bill is from the much rarer 1st issue.
Nickname or Vignettes - The allegorical figure at the left is Liberty standing with a pole and liberty shield.
Date & Place of Issue - October 15, 1861 from Richmond Virginia
Serial Number & Plate Letter - 1602 C
Condition - Very Fine, this is a very nice looking note for the lower grade of very fine. The printing is still dark and crisp and the bill has an excellent cut with even margins all around.
Back - The backs of this Virginia confederate money were plain. This one shows folds, which is what has downgraded this note. The folds are not as noticeable from the front.
Criswell & Fricke Numbers - Criswell number CR-4
Number Issued & Printers - This was the first Virginia War issue and was done in 2 different acts. This 10.00 bill was from the 2nd act of June 28, 1861, which authorized the issuance of 4,000,000.00. Half of which were to be interest bearing notes paying interest at the rate of 6% and the other half to be non interest bearing notes. Hoyer and Ludwig of Richmond were the printers.
Type of Bank Paper Used - Good quality bank note paper.
Payable In - The commonwealth of Virginia will pay ten dollars to bearer on demand at the treasury in Richmond.
Notes - The picture shows the actual Virginia confederate money that is for sale. In addition the back of this obsolete civil war currency can be viewed in the photograph gallery.