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Virginia Confederate Money Central Bank of VA 10.00 VF

Your Price: $225.00
Item Number: VA Central Bank ten dollars 3003
Manufacturer: CSA - Confederacy Capital - Montgomery AL, Richmond VA
Virginia confederate money 10.00 Central Bank of VA 1860 very fine
Type of Confederate Money - Ten dollar bank note from the Central Bank of Virignia issued on the eve of the Civil War era.
Nickname or Vignettes - A beautifully executed obsolete bill made by the American Bank note company. At the left is a farmer with a scythe, the center vignette shows a planter watching the harvesting of his crops, a young girl at most likely at school and a small eagle are at the left.
Date & Place of Issue - August 06, 1860 from Staunton Virginia. Staunton is a small city in the Shenandoah valley of Virginia, this area saw a lot of battles and skirmishes during the Civil War.
Serial Number & Plate Letter - 3003 A
Condition - Very Fine. This confederate money has about the darkest printing you will find on notes with just a very fine grade. The vignettes and the printing of the words are all still very dark adn crisp as is the red overprints. A choice looking example for the grade. There is also a very small nick out of the bottom border.
Back - The back of this Virginia confederate money is plain, the back of this example is where most of the wear shows.
Criswell & Fricke Numbers - not applicable
Number Issued & Printers - American Bank note company
Type of Bank Paper Used - white average quality
Payable In - The Central Bank of Virginia will pay ten dollars to bearer on demand.
Notes - The picture shows the actual Virginia confederate money that is for sale. Staunton is the hometown of the famous country singers The Statler Brothers.