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United States Coins

We stock a large selection of United States Coins, this category is for raw coins or ones that have not been professionally certified. We cater mainly to beginning collectors who are looking to buy the better quality modern coinage to start their collections. Keep in mind that it is very hard to get good photographs of modern shiny coins, so probably around 90% of our coins that are listed look much better than the pictures suggest.
Barber Half Dollars are silver and were produced between the years 1892 through 1915
Barber Quarters were manufactured by the various United States Mints from 1892 to 1916.
Franklin Half Dollars are silver and were minted between 1948 to 1963
Kennedy Half Dollars began production in 1964 after the assassination of the popular President the preceding year
Mercury dimes were in production from 1916 through 1945 and were made of silver
The Presidential Dollars began production in 2007 and honor four new Presidents each year.
Sacagawea Dollar Coins began in 2000 and were minted until 2008 when the Native American Dollars started production.
The statehood quarter was an immensely popular 11 year program started by the US mint in 1999.
Walking Liberty Halves were in production from 1916 through 1947 from all 3 mints
Washington Quarters have been in production since 1932 and today have different versions
We will have Lincoln Cents both Wheat pennies and the modern mintages, Buffalo and Jefferson Nickels including the wartime silver coins. We will also stock the Mercury and Roosevelt Dimes which will include the silver versions, Washington Quarters both silver and clad. In the half dollars we will stock the Walking Liberty, Franklin and the ever popular Kennedys. All of the Walking Libertys and Franklins will be silver as will be the 1964 Kennedy and some of the modern proofs. The late 1960's Kennedy Halves are around 1/3 silver. In the dollar category we will have Morgan and Peace Dollars which are silver, in the more modern times we will have the large Eisenhower dollar as well as the smaller Susan B. Anthony coins and the new Presidential and Sacajewa dollars. We will also have even older coins such as the Barber Coins, V and Buffalo Nickels and more that were minted from the beginning of the 20th century.