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State, City, County & Local Confederate Currency

Confederate Money of the individual Southern States, Counties and Towns

This section of confederate money deals with the state and local issues of the Southern States that were printed during the Civil War. Hard currency was very scarce in the South during the rebellion and most of the States had to issue their own currencies, in order to transact business. In addition to the States, a lot of the southern counties, towns and businesses also issued currency. This financial system soon imploded on itself as the Confederate States of America had very little gold, silver or hard assets to back up all this paper money that the South had in circulation. Most of this type of confederate money is very scarce today because after the Civil War the 14th amendment to the Constitution was passed which stated that the Government or states were not responsible for any debts incurred during the insurrection or rebellion against the United States. This made all the southern confederate money completely worthless as it could never be redeemed. Therefore most of the confederate money of this type was destroyed and few examples exsist today of this era of our Nation's history.
Alabama Confederate Money as issued during the Civil War
Obsolete & Confederate Money from the state of Alabama from the Civil War era
Confederate Money issued by the state of Arkansas during the Civil War era
Obsolete & Confederate Money from the state of Arkansas
Obsolete Civil War Currency from the State of Florida
Obsolete Civil War Currency from the sparsely populated state of Florida
Obsolete Georgia Civil War Currency
Currency issued by banking institutions & private concerns in the state of GA during the years of the rebellion.
Georgia Treasury Notes
Currency issued by the State Treasury of GA during the Civil War era
Obsolete Money and Civil War Currency from Kentucky
Confederate and Obsolete Civil War Currency from Louisiana
Obsolete Money and Parish notes from Louisiana during the time of the Confederate Government
Louisiana Parish Notes
Currency issued by LA Parishes during the Civil War. This type of obslete money is quite collectible by the collector of today.
Obsolete and Confederate Money from the state of Mississippi
Obsolete Money & Civil War Currency from Mississippi including state, bank, railroad and private issues.
Missouri Civil War Confederate Money
Missouri CSA Issues printed during the Civil War, Union Notes were also issued.
North Carolina Confederate Money
Obsolete Money & Civil War Currency from North Carolina
North Carolina Treasury Notes
The NC treasury issued a plethora of state notes during the war, in including many fractional notes.
South Carolina Confederate Money
Obsolete Money & Civil War Currency from South Carolina
Tennessee Confederate Money
Obsolete & Confederate Money from TN
Texas Confederate Money
Obsolete Currency & Confederate Money from Texas
Currencies issued by the Commonwealth of VA during the Civil War
Obsolete currency from VA including broken bank notes, city and private scrip issued by railroads and business.
Virginia County and Sheriff Notes
Notes issued by VA counties & Sheriffs during the War, most of the counties of the commonwealth issued this type of scrip
West Virginia Confederate Money
Currency from the mountainous western section of Virginia which became the new state of WV in 1863.
Virginia Treasury Bills
Money issued by the Treasury of the Old Dominion during the Civil War, the first of these CSA notes are very scarce.