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S. P. Rupert 12 1/2 Confederate Money New Market VA Fine 1862

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Item Number: VArupert417
Manufacturer: CSA - Confederacy Capital - Montgomery AL, Richmond VA

This is a very rare piece of 12 and a half cents Virginia scrip issued by S. P. Rupert from New Market Virginia during the Civil War on December 20, 1862. The note grades fine and is very nice in appearance for this type of rare confederate money scrip. There is a slight narrow aperture under the one and also some edge tears and etc. The note is redeemable in confederate funds when presented in sums of Ten Dollars. The denomination of 12 1/2 cents was not to common by the time of the Civil War. In the Virginia currency reference book by Jones and Littlefield, this note is listed as Rarity 6, which means they estimated that only 5 to 9 of these pieces of Virginia Confederate Money exsist today. Even though plain, the actual back of this confederate money is posted in the picture gallery. New Market Virginia is located in Shenandoah county and was in the middle of a lot of civil war action.