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Small Size Silver Certificates

Small size silver certificates were made from 1928 thru 1957 and were abolished under the Act of June 04, 1963. Silver certificates could be redeemed for silver bullion, but this practice was abolished by Congress in 1968. The motto In God We Trust first appeared on the series of 1935-G. A complete set of small size silver certificates could be put together for a modest cost, with the exception of a couple notes. However several of the star notes in this series are quite expensive and hard to acquire.
One Dollar Silver Certificates
1.00 Silver Certificates were issued from 1928 thru 1957
Five Dollar Silver Certificates
Five Dollar Silver Certificates were issued in 1934 and1953
Ten Dollar Silver Certificates United States Paper Money
Ten Dollar Silver Certificates were issued in 1933, 1934 and 1953.