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North Carolina Confederate Money Bank of Washington 3.00 Unc

Your Price: $240.00
Item Number: Bank Washington 3 dollars 34193
Manufacturer: CSA - Confederacy Capital - Montgomery AL, Richmond VA
North Carolina Confederate Money 3.00 Bank of Washington Unc
Type of Confederate Money - Three dollar bank note from the Bank of Washington. This bank, which was located in Washington NC, started operations in the year 1851 and was of course done in by the Civil War and closed in 1866.
Nickname or Vignettes - A vignette with 3 men is at the left and at the right is a small portrait of George Washington.
Date & Place of Issue - This confederate money is a remainder and as such was never issued, however we know these are the notes that this southern bank produced in the 1860s.
Serial Number & Plate Letter - A
Condition - Uncirculated, this civil war currency would be choice, but for a small age spot at the right center. The red / orange overprints are as bright and choice as when printed over 140 years ago.
Back - plain and this one as per grade
Criswell & Fricke Numbers - not applicable
Number Issued & Printers - This confederate money from North Carolina isn't all that scarce as per obsolete money, however it retains a strong price because it is very popular with the red overprints and beautiful execution of the design. These are tell tale signs this bill was produced by the American Bank Note company.
Type of Bank Paper Used - white
Payable In - On demand the Bank of Washington will pay three dollars to the bearer.
Notes - The picture shows the actual North Carolina confederate money that is for sale.