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Missouri Defence Bonds CR20 Confederate Money 50.00 EF

Your Price: $275.00
Item Number: MO Defence 50 dollars MO50dol1
Manufacturer: MO - The Show Me State, Capital - Jefferson City
MO Defence Bond issued during the Civil War
MO Defence Bond issued during the Civil War
Type of Confederate Money - Fifty dollars Requisition for Missouri Defence Bond from the State of Missouri that was issued by the CSA secessionist government while in exile. The purpose of these Requisition notes has been lost to history, but most likely were issued to pay troops.
Nickname or Vignettes - At the left is Ceres setting in the midst of a grain field, at the right is farm scene with a slave carrying cotton and an overseer in the background and at the right bottom is the state seal of Missouri.
Date & Place of Issue - These notes were produced at the same time as the lower denomination defence bonds. They were produced in denominations of 100.00, 50.00 and 20.00.
Serial Number & Plate Letter - plate letter A
Condition - extra fine, there is remnants of a stamp hinge on the back from an old time collector.
Back - fancy green back with the stamp hinge showing as mentioned above.
Criswell & Fricke Numbers - Criswell number CR 20, this is the only variation of the fifty dollar denomination.
Number Issued & Printers - Keatinge and Ball were the printers and the secessionist government printed a total of 10 million dollars worth of currency during the entire Civil War.
Type of Bank Paper Used - Good quality coarse paper with no watermark
Payable In - This requisition when presented with others to the amount of five hundred dollars to the fund commissioners will be funded in a Missouri defence bond for that sum payable three years after date with interest at the rate of ten percent annum payable semi annually. On demand the fund commissioners of the State of Missouri will pay to the order of the Missouri State Gaurd fifty dollars in Missouri Defence bonds.
Notes - The picture shows the actual Missouri CSA Confederate Money that is for sale, in addition the back of this MO obsolete civil war currency can be viewed in the photograph gallery. It is estimated that today between 800 to 1500 of these Civil War Bonds still exist.