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Missouri Defence Bonds CR17A Confederate Money 3.00 EF

Your Price: $175.00
Item Number: MO Defence 3 dollars 21128
Manufacturer: CSA - Confederacy Capital - Montgomery AL, Richmond VA
Missouri confederate money 3.00 defence bond grading extra fine
Type of Confederate Money - Three Dollar Defence Bond from the State of Missouri that was issued by the CSA secessionist government while in exile.
Nickname or Vignettes - The center vignette is a figure floating over the water representing Prosperity with a sailing ship in the distance. At the left is the state seal for the state of Missouri and at the right a portrait of an unknown girl.
Date & Place of Issue - It is believed that possibly none of this series of notes were ever issued.
Serial Number & Plate Letter - plate letter A
Condition - extra fine, an old time collector had put this note in his album with stamp hinges, which left stains which can be seen from the front in the upper 2 corners.
Back - plain, showing the stamp hinge markings
Criswell & Fricke Numbers - Criswell number 17A, which means this is the 3.00 denomination without any watermarks.
Number Issued & Printers - Keatinge and Ball of Columbia South Carolina were the printers, and the secessionist government printed a total of 10 million dollars worth of currency during the entire Civil War.
Type of Bank Paper Used - Good quality coarse paper with no watermark
Payable In - Three years after date the state of Missouri will pay three dollars to bearer. Secured by pledge of all the state revenues. Under the act of November 5th, 1861 to provide for the defence of the state of Missouri.
Notes - The picture shows the actual Missouri CSA Confederate Money that is for sale.