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Mississippi Confederate Money CR46 MS Treasury 25 cents Uncirculated

Your Price: $65.00
Item Number: MS CSA Currency 1864 25 cents Serial 6295
Manufacturer: MS - The Magnolia State, Capital - Jackson
Auto or Civil War Information: Obsolete MS Civil War Currency
MS Obsolete CSA Currency quarter note 1864 Uncirculated
A fractional currency note from the state of Mississippi that was issued during the Civil War on May 1, 1864 at Macon MS in the denomination of twenty five cents. At the left is a vignette of cotton bolls and a red 25 cts protector is in the center. This obsolete civil war currency will grade uncirculated, but the paper is browned some from age and also has some small pinholes. The picture shows the actual quarter Mississippi civil war note that is for sale.

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