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Mississippi Confederate Money CR34B 20.00 Treasury VF

Your Price: $210.00
Item Number: MS State 20 dollars 17812
Manufacturer: CSA - Confederacy Capital - Montgomery AL, Richmond VA
Mississippi Confederate Money 20.00 Treasury 1862 VF
Mississippi Confederate Money 20.00 Treasury 1862 VF

MS Obsolete Civil War Currency 1862

Type of Confederate Money - Mississippi Treasury Note issued during the Civil War being the 20.00 denomination and backed by the Faith of the State.
Nickname or Vignettes - On the left are farm implements and produce and grain, in the center is a large passenger train and on the right is a portrayal of Ceres and an Indian.
Date & Place of Issue - Issued 1st day of November 1862 at the Mississippi treasury office
Serial Number & Plate Letter - 17812
Condition - Very Fine
Back - The back of this Mississippi confederate money is plain, this one appears nicer than the grade.
Criswell & Fricke Numbers - Criswell number MS CR34B, which means this is the Faith of the State Pledged issue, dated November 1st, 1862 and is Re-Issued. The bills that were reissued, such as this one, are rarer than the regular printings.
Number Issued & Printers - The Faith of the State Pledged notes were issued in 1862, then 3 years later in 1865 near the end of the Civil War, 150,000.00 of these bills were stamped Re-Issued and put back into circulation.
Type of Bank Paper Used - Average
Payable In - The state of Mississippi promises to pay to bearer twenty dollars at the Treasury office, fundable in bonds bearing eight percent payable in ten years, when not less than five hundred dollars are to be presented.
Notes -A beautiful note for the grade of very fine with nice green color and dark crisp printings. The picture shows the actual Mississippi confederate money that is for sale, in addition the back of this obsolete civil war currency can be viewed in the photograph gallery.