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Mississippi Confederate Money

Mississippi became the second state to secede from the Union on January 09, 1861 as the result of a state convention that was held in Jackson and was officially admitted to the Confederacy on February 04, 1861. Mississippi furnished more than 80,000 troops to the CSA and also the only president of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis. Davis had been a Mexican War Hero, a United States Senator and the secretary of war under President Franklin Pierce, but of course, when his home state went with the Confederacy, he did also. The state was the site of a number of battles during the Civil War including Vicksburg, Port Gibson, Holly Springs, Jackson and Meridian, among others. By early 1865 Mississippi was entirely occupied by Union Troops. On February 23, 1870 Mississippi was readmitted to the United States of America. The Magnolia State had several beautiful and interesting issues of confederate money that was printed during the Civil War. The first issue authorized 1,000,000.00 in Treasury Notes for a military fund. The 2nd, is a peculiar issue of notes as they were "cotton pledged" which were bills that were secured by the planter's stored cotton. From 1862 -1865 the "Faith of the State Pledged" notes circulated, these were not backed by anything, only the faith and credit of the state goverment to back the value. In 1864 change notes were added and the final issue of Mississippi confederate money was authorized in 1865, these latter notes saw very little circulation as the Civil War was almost over.
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