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Maryland Obsolete Currency N. A. Chafee one dollar VG

Your Price: $70.00
Item Number: Baltimore MD obsolete money N. A. Chafee Var VG
Manufacturer: MD - The Chesapeake State, Capital - Annapolis
Auto or Civil War Information: Maryland Obsolete Money, Baltimore Scrip, Union
Baltimore Maryland scrip one dollar 1840 N. A. Chafee VG
A one dollar note drawn on what I believe was N. A. Chafee of Baltimore Maryland. The signature is hard to read but I believe that is correct, Mr. Chafee was most likely some type of merchant in the city of Baltimore during the era of 1840. The ctner vignette shows a large Indian on a rock cliff overlooking the ocean, which has two ships. The terms of this Baltimore Maryland currency are as follows: I promise to pay in current notes, one dollar, to the bearer when presented in sums of five dollars. Then a large arched Baltimore underneath the terms. I have more than one of these obsolete Maryland notes so the one in the picture might not be the one you will recieve, but all this Baltimore scrip will be in the same very good condition.

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