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Georgia Treasury Confederate Money 5.00 Type 1 Ch AU - Unc

Your Price: $70.00
Item Number: GA Obsolete 5.00 1862 CH AU-UNC group
Manufacturer: CSA - Confederacy Capital - Montgomery AL, Richmond VA

Confederate Money 5.00 Note issued from Milledgeville, Georgia during the Civil War on January 15th, 1862. In the new Georgia Treasury reference book by Martin and Latimer, this confederate money note is listed as Type 1. James Oglethorpe is in the center, the Georgia Treasury seal is on the back of this note. The Type 1 is a common obsolete note, Georgia issued 200,000, and today the rarity is R1, which means over 500 still exsist. However, this particular confederate money example is a choice AU to Choice Uncirculated note, that makes it more scarce than the common circulated notes. The printing is dark and crisp, the red overprint is still bright and the centering is excellent. There might be a paper crinkle which just shows up slightly on the back, these are probably as made. I have more than one of these examples of Georgia Confederate Money so the one in the picture might not be the one you recieve, but all are the same choice almost uncirculated to uncircuated condition. You can also see an example of the back of this obsolete currency in the photo gallery.