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Georgia Confederate Money CR05 Five Dollars Uncirculated

Your Price: $55.00
Item Number: GA Obsolete 5.00 43791 Multiple listing
Manufacturer: CSA - Confederacy Capital - Montgomery AL, Richmond VA

GA Civil War Currency 5 dollars

Confederate Money 5.00 Note issued from Milledgeville, Georgia during the Civil War on January 15th, 1862. In the new Georgia Treasury reference book by Martin and Latimer, they have this confederate money note listed as Type 1. James Oglethorpe is in the center, the Georgia Treasury seal is on the back of this note. The Type 1 is a common note, Georgia issued 200,000 of these notes and today the rarity is R1, which means over 500 exsist. The Uncirculated notes though, aren't quite as common as the circulated notes. The picture shows the actual Georgia Treasury Confederate Money example that is for sale, the back is also pictured so you can see the treasury seal.

I also have other groupings of the Type 1 Georgia Confederate Money Treasury bills available listed below

Same bills as above except in extra fine to almost uncirculated condition are available at 45.00 each.

Also have a group of extra fine to almost uncirculated condition with faults available for 35.00 each. These confederate money examples will have ink erosion in the signatures and yellowing of the paper. These are not junk, just have the faults as listed. These and other common Georgia notes would be excellent for civil war reenactments. They are cheap enough that you could buy these and have the authentic Civil War Currency in the camp.

To get either of the notes listed above, you will have to email at