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Federal Reserve Notes

Federal Reserve Notes began production in 1928 and this is our current money of today. This category is the largest by far, of all the issues of United States Currency and in fact is all that is in use at the present time. Federal Reserve Notes were issued in denominations from 1.00 all the way up to Ten Thousand dollars, but today are issued only up to 100 dollars. There are some huge mintages of some of these bills, but sometimes that is misleading as far as the scarcity today, a lot of dates and series weren't saved from circulation because of the high mintages. Those notes will be plentiful in the lower circulated grades, but there might not be so many uncirculated ones left. So keep this in mind when starting a collection, always buy the best condition notes that you can afford to buy, they should always be the best investment.
One Dollar Federal Reserve Notes 1963 to present
The one dollar denomination of federal reserve notes are a recent addition to the FRN series, starting production in 1963 and continuing to the present.
Two Dollar Federal Reserve Notes
Two Dollar Federal Reserve notes issued from 1976 to the present
Five Dollar Federal Reserve Notes
Five Dollar Federal Reserve Bills were issued from 1928 to the present day.
Ten Dollar Federal Reserve Notes
Ten Dollar Federal Reserve notes were issued from 1928 to the present
Twenty Dollar Federal Reserve Note
Twenty dollar Federal Reserve Notes were issued from 1928 and includes the currency that we use today.
Fifty Dollar Federal Reserve Notes
Fifty dollar Federal Reserve Notes feature President Ulysses S. Grant on the front and the US Capitol on the reverse
One Hundred Dollar Federal Reserve Notes
One Hundred Dollar Federal Reserve Notes started production in 1928 and continue thru the present, they are the biggest denomination in production at the current time.
High dollar denomination 500.00 Federal Reserve Notes
Five Hundred Dollar Federal Reserve Notes were only issued in the years of 1928 and 1934