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Confederate Money Issued By the Central CSA Government

There are 72 Types of Confederate Money as catalouged by Grover Criswell and 579 varieties within those 72 types. T-1 thru 4 were made at the first CSA Capitol of Montgomery, the rest of the confederate money types were made in Richmond. Collect the obsolete civil war currency that you like, but always try to buy the better conditions when you can. Buy Quality and not Quanity. But having said that, in some of the earlier scarce Confederate Money Types, there are no notes that exsist in the better grades, so on those you have to buy what you can find. Please feel free to call or email us if you need help in starting a confederate money collection or want to add some quality notes to you existing civil war currency collection.
Type 1 - Type 12 Confederate Money
First and Second Series the 1st CSA government issues from Montgomery AL & Richmond Virginia all are dated 1861
1861 Issues of Confederate Money
Third Series Notes Issued 1861, this confederate money was all payable in 8 percent bonds or stock of the confederacy.
Type 20 - Type 26 Confederate Money
All 3rd series confederate notes, this series authorized during the early part of the Civil War and dated September 2, 1861.
Type 27 thru 31 Confederate Money
Third Series 1861 CSA currency including very scarce T-27 and T-29, T-30 Sweet potatoe dinner and Type 31 the red tint five females vignette.
Type 32 thru 38 Confederate Money
3rd series CSA Confederate Notes including rare T-32 blacksmith bill and T-35 Indian princess note, the most valuable of CSA Money.
Confederate Money from Series T42 thru T48
4th Series Notes 1862, includes Judah P. Benjamin two dollar notes, Lucy Pickens 1.00 bills, T-46 with R. M. T. Hunter. T-47, 48 are Essay Notes.
Confederate Currency from the 1862 Issues
All 5th series notes of the CSA. Includes Lucy Pickens 100.00, Jefferson Davis 50.00, Nashville capital 20.00, & SC Capital ten. Civil War era 1862
Type 56 - Type 60 Confederate Money
6th series CSA including Lucy Pickens 100.00, Jefferson Davis fifty dollars, Nashville capital twenty, SC & VA capitals on 10.00 & 5.00.
Obsolete Civil War Currency from 1863
The smaller change notes of the 6th series including the Judah P. Benjamin two dollar, Clement C. Clay one dollar and Jefferson Davis .50.
Type 67 & Type 68 Confederate Money
Common 7th series CSA confederate money including the twenty dollars with Nashville Tennessee capital and the ten with horse drawn artillery.
Type 69 & T-70 Confederate Money
Five & Two dollar confederate money of 1864. The 5.00 being the Virginia capitol at Richmond and the 2.00 the last of the Judah P. Benjamin bills.
The last Two Notes issued by CSA
Change notes from 1864 CSA currency. The T-71 features Clement C. Clay while the fractional currency T-72 portrays Jefferson Davis.