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Grading Categories of Confederate Money

If you found this page surfing the internet, you can visit our large selection of better quality confederate money by going to the Confederate Money - Central Government or Confederate Money-State and Local Issues links at the left of the page. Thanks for stopping at our store. The grading categories are below.

Gem Brilliant Choice Unc 65-70

These are almost perfect. There are extremely few pieces of confederate money in this condition.

Choice Uncirculated 62-64

These bills will have complete margins, very good color and appearance. No Folds or easily visible handling can be present. These notes are not quite perfect, but well above average uncirculated and this is about the highest grade that confederate money can be found in, usually only the 1864 issues will have many representatives in this group.

Uncirculated 60-61

These bills will be new but can have slight teller handling, the borders can be trimmed very slightly into the body of the note. No bends or folds should be visible. You can start finding confederate money besides the 1864 issues in this category, but still not many.

About Uncirculated 50-59

This confederate money is about new, but can have slight handling, an obvious smudge, one fold across the body. An uncirculated note with a bad trim will reduce it to this grade. A lot of examples of confederate money can now start to be found in this grade. Sill fairly scarce though in a lot of the issues.

Extremely Fine 40-49

These notes are lightly circulated, can have up to 3 light folds across the body and a corner fold or bump. These are still attractive notes with most of their body or crispness and can have no major problems.

Very Fine 20-39

This confederate money will be obviously circulated, but not excessive and will have a good bit of body left. There can be up to 8 folds across the body and a corner bump or two. Slight edge splits or slight repairs will put the note at the lower end of very fine.

Fine 12-19

These notes will be well circulated but still have a little of the original body left. There can be over 8 folds, staining, dirt and some repairs and edge splits and etc. Confederate Money in this category will be heavily worn, with creases, wrinkling. Will have a lot of faults due to normal circulation. There will be no body left but the note must be intact. I would not buy not much confederate money in this grade or lower, unless it is one of the very rare issues.

Good, About Good, Fair, Poor 1-8

Confederate money in these grades will pretty much be junk.


In each grade there are also choice, average and bad qualifiers. Choice notes will have excellent centering, good coloring and a nice eye appeal. Average is what it says and bad will be notes that still fit into the category but will have some problems, such as poor centering, large pinholes or weak color.
This can all be very confusing, the main thing is to buy the best possible note that you can afford and enjoy your collecting. Study the pictures and buy the confederate money of which you like the appearances. Most of our confederate money is photographed so you can see what you are buying. The numerical scales that are listed are approximate, this is what the 3rd party grading outfits use.