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Virginia Confederate Money CR08 Ten Dollar Treasury Certified AU

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Manufacturer: VA - Mother of Presidents, Old Dominion, Capital - Richmond
Auto or Civil War Information: Obsolete Confederate States of America Paper Money

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Civil War Era Virginia Treasury Note
This 10.00 Virginia treasury note grades Almost Uncirculated. This is Criswell variety VA 08, which has no watermark. The left vignette on this currency features Vulcan, and in the center was the goddess Ceres. The man in the portrait on the right side was Governor John Buchanan Floyd, who was governor of Virginia from 1849 to 1852. He was also appointed as secretary of war for the United States under President Buchanan. Floyd was asked to resign in 1860 becasue of coruption and ineptness. During the Civil War he was appointed brigadier general for the confederacy and he served in the western theatre under Robert E. Lee. He was incompetent at military command also, and lost the battle of Fort Donelson, which was critical for the Confederacy to keep control of the Cumberland River and Nashville and central Tennessee. He was asked to resign his post by Jefferson Davis on March 11, 1862. This bill states that "Virginia Treasury Note, Receivable in Payment of Taxes and other Public Dues, The Faith of the Commonwealth of is Pledged. Richmond Oct. 15, 1862 The Commonwealth will pay to bearer on demand Ten Dollars at the Treasury." I have more than one of these certified obsolete Virginia treasury notes, they will either be certified by PMG or PCGS, you can pick which grade you wish to purchase with the condition button above.

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