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1952 Nebraska License Plates

Your Price: $72.95
Item Number: 52 NE car tags NM DMV registration 20 2273
Manufacturer: NE - The Cornhusker State, Capital - Lincoln
Auto or Civil War Information: Ford, Victoria, Hudson Hornet, Year of Manufacture
Antique pair of 1952 NE car tags in NM condition
An unused pair of new old stock 1952 Nebraska license plates which will grade near mint and also comes in their original wrapper from the treasurer. These were manufactured for a passenger automobile, the color is a deep yellow with black letters, with Nebraska and 52 both located at the bottom. According to my latest information, Nebraska does have a year of manufacture or YOM law, you coudln't find a better pair to put on your antique 52 Ford or Chevrolet. If you plan on buying for use on your antique car, please check with the dmv of NE to make sure these auto tags qualify. There is even a plastic sleeve in the envelope which looks like it was made to hold the registration card, I am assuming this plastic card holder came with the tags when they were issued, but it could have been added at a later date. The picture shows the actual pair of 1952 Nebraska license plates that are available for sale, in addition a larger view of these classic 52 NE car tags can be seen in the photograph gallery.

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